Friday, January 13, 2012

Surprise Guest Blogger!!!

Happy Friday All!!!  I have the pleasure of having a "guest" blogger granddaughter, Teghan.  She did her nails completely by herself and wrote the following entry. Just a  warning, she did have some chocolate cookies prior to the photos...:)

Hi, my name is Teghan, Jackie is my Mema.  I painted my nails and these are the colors I used : my Mema's pink Franken and dotted with Fairy Teal then used a topcoat called Out The Door. Thank you, Teghan.

  My "partner in crime" !!!

 I think she did pretty good in selecting her color combo.

 The finished product...thank you all for stopping in today...have a good weekend.  I'm gonna go play Scrabble with Teghan!!!


  1. Aww this is Adorable! Love the nails! She did an Awesome job! Great job Teghan!!

  2. Thank you so much...she is my buddy!!

  3. I love polka dots on nails! Awesome job, Teghan!

  4. omg she's adorable! and how cute is her manicure!! =)

  5. thank you all..I think she is pretty special :)

  6. This is the most adorable blog post I have EVER seen :) Not only do I adore the colors and design she picked for her mani, but she is just too cute for words!

    1. Thank you... but don't let the cuteness deceive you!!! LOL


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