Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Hi everyone...sorry that I have not posted in a couple of days. :(
My latest mani started with Sinful Colors Black on Black.  I chose the stamping plate BM 201, the "criss cross" looking one. I decided to "stripe" the plate with polishes Spontaneous by China Glaze and Konad Special Polishes in white and lavender.  I was pleased with the outcome. Although it was not my best stamping, it was done about 5:30 this morning !!!

 This China Glaze Spontaneous is one that I picked up yesterday when I stopped at Sally's to get some SV.  They have a special going on that if you purchase SV  then you get a free China Glaze polish...pretty good I think!!!

 I just love all shades of purple !!!
Also I want to thank all that are following me, it means alot to me that people want to see my work!!  Thank you!!!  Have a good evening,  see ya tomorrow.


  1. WOw this look awesome! I love the 2 color stamping!

  2. So pretty! That CG color is great. I was recently in Walgreen's and they're clearing out SV so I picked up all they had because a regular bottle was $1.50! Now I'm overlaoded with SV but that's ok. It'll get used.

  3. Thank you, that was a great deal for you, I will have to check the one out here!!


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