Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Number One

Good Morning!! Sorry that I didn't get this up last night...was not having much artistic inspiration  :(
This is what I came up with...I used this Pure Ice which I do not know the name of, the little sticker is gone!
I am starting with IP M72, which has 5 images.  The first one I am using is the "crackle" looking one.
I liked it, what do you think?

 Please ignore the cuticles, they are REALLY mad. I am trying to make them happy.

 Well, there it is...Happy Tuesday!!


  1. Oh my gosh I love that polish! I don't have it so I can't tell you the name! I really like that stamp! Great mani!

  2. I THINK the name of the polish is "Taupe Drawer." I'm sure this is in my stash somewhere! :)

    The polish & the stamping look gorgeous together.

  3. Thank you Melany, I have had it for "awhile" !!! LOL

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