Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Just Color

Good Morning!!!  How is everyone this morning, it is still cold here :(
I decided to just do color today.  I used China Glaze Designer Satin, which I got for free when I purchased Seche Vite from Sally's Beauty.  And this is a beauty, I love the ease of application.  This is 2 coats, there is still a faint tip line, probably could have done 3 coats.

Please pretend you don't see that little bit of left over black on my cuticles, thought I had gotten it all  :(
Hope everyone has a great day, thank you for coming by!!!


  1. Lovely color! I am liking the creams more and more as summer approaches. I jumped on that same sale @ Sally's. I got a bottle of Fairy Dust (I think I'm the only person to not have it in their collection lol. Your cleanup still looks beautiful!

  2. sometimes, I also feel like doin' plain. this pink looks really cute. :)

  3. What a lovely color--looks great on you!


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