Sunday, September 30, 2012

AIS.....French Tip

Hello's challenge in AIS is to do a French Tip manicure using one of the plates designed for such.
Those plates are sooooo hard to line up :(  But I gave it a try!!!

Cast of Characters....

 The base coat was of Confetti Lonesome Dove and I freehanded a black french tip.
The stamping was done with Mash-27 IP.
The final product, it is just "okay" as far as I am concerned, maybe I need to do more of these????

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday. The Queen and Princess were here. The Princess and I did some crazy pics last night that will be part of an upcoming post!!!!  Have a blessed day.......Jackie

Friday, September 28, 2012

Cheeky Summer Set Mani's and Review

Hello All....I was given the Cheeky Summer Set for review by the generous people at Cheeky :)
If you look above  here at the top of the blog, there is a page that shows pics of  all 26 plates in the set.
I decided to put them there, and they could be accessed at anytime easily.
The images are definitely  bigger, I have not had any problems stamping with any of the images!!!
I just love how the plates have a "theme" to them, now I just have to get better at doing theme mani's   LOL
Here are the new plates compared to the last set.......
You can see how much larger the plate and the images are!!!  Great for those that have larger, longer nails.
They are well worth the money and are now being sold by  The Cheeky store on FaceBook, and on
They come packaged in a nice case and you get a "license" that doubles as an emergency scraper!!!

Now for the mani's that I did to show you how well they work!!!

Cast of Characters.....

I did a sponge mani and then stamped.....

And now for the second mani, Cast of Characters....

I did a base coat of the Milani with a coat of Northern Lights Gold......

Then it was stamped.....

And there you have it.....I love the Cheeky plates.  Cheeky is an awesome company, don't hesitate if you have a customer service ,they are great!!!
Thanks for taking the time to read this longgggg post!!!  Take care, have a blessed evening!!!    Jackie

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Which Way Wednesday-ColorBlock and Circles

Hello All...It is Wednesday :)
I decided to do a color block tonight, only the second time that I have done this type of mani....and why did I decide to do this before work this morning....note to self ...allow enough time for drying between layers  :(
The Cast of Characters....

I achieved the color block by using a base coat of the Sation,and then using tape and the China Glaze and Sinfulcolors in a"block" look. As I said earlier, I was doing this at 5:30 this morning....not the time to do it , trust there are some areas that I am not tooo  pleased with.

I wore it to work this way, and then used a matte top coat when I got home...

And finally, I stamped with Sally Hansen Gone Grey and Mash-40, the circles..... This is also my entry for the wednesday challenge in Llama Nails, as you can see, it is the letter C today.

I think I like the final product.....which way, if any, do you like it???

I hope everyone had a great day, have a blessed evening...thanks for coming by :)             Jackie

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

IC Awareness Mani

Hello All.  I decided to do a mani for Jenna at I'm Still Thinking.... for her IC Awareness contest.
I have dealt with a problem along this line since I was born.  It does eventually take it's toll on you. It made my childhood very hard until my junior high years :(
The colors for the IC awareness are teal and the daisy is the symbol.
My Cast of Characters...

The base was Sally Hansen Salon Effects Fairy Teal.  I did some stamping with a Fun1 image and also some freehand nice, I am not very good at free hand  :)

The finished product.....

It was fun doing this, and for a good cause, take time to read about IC, you or someone you know may suffer from this and may not know it :(
Check out the other mani's that were created for this cause.  Have a blessed day......Jackie

Monday, September 24, 2012

Victorian Wallpaper Mani

Hello All, sorry I was MIA this past weekend.....Mama always said that rest is the best medicine!!!!!
Last night I decided to paint my nails as a purple gradient, my favorite on both counts :)
This morning I opted to use the LLC-B plate, the one that reminds me of a Victorian wallpaper, kinda like this one!!!!

Cast Of Charaters......

And the final product....I don't want to take it off  :(.......

Thanks for stopping by....have a blessed and great evening  :)         Jackie

Friday, September 21, 2012

What is this image?????

Hello All....sorry that I haven't posted in a couple of days.....flu got me....I can stay up for a little while and then have to lay back down:(  I did manage to paint my nails earlier and then stamped them later on.
The Cast of Characters......

Does anyone know what this image is????? It is from the XL Cheeky D plate.   I kept looking at it and for the life of me cannot figure it it an animal print or what????  Well, whatever it is, I used it today :)

The Base coat of Orly  After Party was pretty easy to apply, alittle thick, but I really didn't have any problems.

I got out my SH Color Quick pen in  Chrome Turquoise to use for the stamping, I had forgotten how easy these are to use.   I also used the "tape " trick for cleaning off my mess and I feel like I am prolonging the life of the stamper....the acetone has to be gradually breaking it down chemically!

The finished product...

Whatcha think??? I like it, I just wish I knew what the heck it was!!!  Have a blessed evening all, I am off to the couch for awhile..........Jackie

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Which Way Wednesday

Good Evening All....It is Wednesday  :)
I started tonights Which Way with a base coat of China Glaze Crimson....I am not real sure what color to call this one, it is beautiful, very vampy.  But I am not sure if you would call it a red or a purple????
Anyway, here is the entire Cast of Characters....

I just love this paisley image  :)
Here is #1.... It almost looks black, but it's not!!!

#2 Stamped with two of the China Glaze Bohemian Collection and IP BM-315, regular TC applied...

#3 It was hard to do something "different" to this one, so I opted to use a matte tc.....

You can see the image much better with the matte, I don't know which one that I like the best...I like them ALL  !!!  What do you think???

Thank you all sooo much for stopping by tonight, I know how life can get in the has a hold on me right now, so it seems like I can only comment and "lurk " around everyone's blog on the weekends :(
Have a blessed evening........Jackie

Monday, September 17, 2012

Blue and Green Sponge Mani

Hello All...I made it throught Monday!!!
Last night I thought "I haven't done a sponge mani in a loonnngggg time", so I did :) And, you know me, I HAD to stamp it!!!
Cast of Characters....

The sponged mani.....

Now for the finished product......

The jury is still out on this one, maybe if I had used a different stamping color???  Anyway, this is it  :)
FYI, my blog will be a year old in November and my birthday is 12-12-12!!! I am planning a giftaway and two companies are sponsoring some gifts for it....I am sooo is still aways off , I have plenty of time to get the rest of the gifts!!  Have a blessed evening.....Jackie