Sunday, April 29, 2012

Adventures in Stamping Challenge-Queen's Day

Good Afternoon All!!!  The FB group  Adventures in Stamping's challenge today is "Queens Day".  Which, if I understand it correctly is a celebration of the country of Holland....a big party is what I gathered!!!  So I thought , why not party nails!!!

I painted a base coat of SC  Big Daddy , topped that with a coat of Orly Shining Star.
I decided to use Ip SH13, the one that looks like fireworks exploding.  I stamped  with the Orly family and used Star Spangled, Luxe, and a blue that the tag is off the bottom , so I don't know the name  :(

I think it looks like fireworks!!! Thanks for coming by today  :)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Week 16 of 52 Week Challenge, Dotticure

Good Evening All, I am behind on my 52 Week Challenge, so I decided to do one tonight...the Dotticure.
 I had this bright idea to do a tone on tone dotticure, sounds good right???  But it was hard to see with a top coat, so I matted it.  See what you think.....

Cast of Caracters...

With a fast dry top coat....hard to see isn't it!!!

Now with a matte coat.....

I decided that I liked the matted one...what about you???

Thanks for coming by again today  :)

Coffee Break

Good Afternoon All!!!  Hope you are having a great Saturday  :)
While I was having my morning coffee, I had this bright idea to do a coffee mani!
Cast of Characters as follows....

And , the finished product...

Thanks for stopping in, I am off to have some more coffee!!!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Skulls N Kittens

Hi All, sorry that I haven't been around, kinda in an artistic "slump" is like no matter what I touch , it doesn't work  :(
I was soooo excited to do this skull mani today, and then the top coat smeared , d*&%$# top coat!!!
But , here it is anyways.....
I used SC Innocent as my base and stamped Fun1 and 2 with Konad Special Polish Black.

  It was so cute before the "evil" top coat....

I doesn't look bad at a distance, but with micro pics, the smearing is very obvious  ........just pretend that you don't see it...okay???

Well, maybe I will be back "with it" tomorrow, in the mean time, I have some awards to attend to.

Oh, almost forgot, a Bella's Babies update....3 weeks old now, aren't they cute!!!!

Be back soon!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Which Way Wednesday

Good Evening All!!  It is that time again ...Which Way Wednesday....
I started with 2 coats of SC GoGo Girl, topped with a light coat of Orly Shining Star...

Next , I stamped the zebra image from IP Konad M57 using Konad Special Polish Black...the BEST black for my opinion  :)

Third, I free handed a black french tip...

And lastly, I messed it up by trying to stamp the Cheetah image from IP Konad M57 on the french tip....:(

  I liked it much better before and learn!!!

So , what do you think...Which Way???

Thanks for stopping in tonight, have a great evening!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Royal Cinderella

Good Morning All...yes, I am still here, as usual, "life" got in the way for the past few days!!
I know there have been many posts using SC Cinderella, and you know my "aversion" to light colored polishes....but I have one today!!

My Cast of Characters.....

This is one of my favorite IP!!

And now the finished product...

I am still not sure on the light base.....but I love the stamping shade!!!

thanks for bearing with my absence these past few days and for coming by today!!  Have a great day!!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Felix The Cat

Good Evening All, I had a very , very busy day!!!  The 1st bday party was a success :)
My "baby" sister, Sherie, had a bday earlier this month....she was in love with Felix the Cat when we were little.  Now that I have my Fun 1 plate, I could do her bday mani!!!  Some of you may not know who Felix is.....

I found this image at this website.
My  Cast of Characters was...
The IP used were SH08 for the paw prints, and Fun1 for Felix.  If you haven't tried the Fab Ur Nails IP's, you are really missing something!!  The Fun1 and 2 are exactly that, alot of  images for fun manis!!!  You can find them here if you are interested or need more info.

That darn metal scraper scratched my IP  :(
Now for the mani....

Happy Bday to my little sister, and my friend...  Love Ya!!!

Thank you all for coming by tonight...enjoy the rest of your evening!!!

Still Here!!

Good Morning All, sorry that I have been MIA for a few days...alot going on!!  Picked up the gd AKA "The Princess", and had to help with a first bday party for my son's gf daughter...whew!!!!!
I did a mani this  morning and it was a complete fail, and then I messed it up more when cleaning my cuticles :(
Hope this is not a sign of how the day is going to be!!
I decided I would show it anyways....I decided to do a lighter version of one of my first manis, you can see it here.  I think I prefer the darker version.

 I tried to take a pic of my elusive right hand...LOL,  that was a joke,  sorry about the fuzzys!!!
You can see here how it "wrinkled" because it wasn't completely dried....has anyone else ever done this????
Oh , well, such is life!!  I will be back later with another mani that I have been planning to do in honor of my sister....I hope you will stop in again later!!  Have a great day  :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Which Way Wednesday

Good Evening All, a very late post...sorry :(   I guess it is allergies that have me feeling soooo yucky :(
Any way, here is my Which Way Wednesday Mani!!
 I started with a base coat of Confetti Lonesome Dove, and stamped with IP BM201

I really liked the subtle tone on tone with this!!

Then I decided to double stamp with Cheeky  CH11
And finally ,I freehanded black french tips!!
So, what do you think ...Which Way???
I hope to make this Which Way Wednesday a regular that something that you would like to see or not?  Thank you for coming by tonight!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Silver and Gold -Fun2

Morning All!  I finally received my Fun2 IP from Fab ur Nails....and it is awesome!!  I won't say much, just show you  :)

Now the finished product....

This IP has alot of nice images on it, well worth the money!    Hope you like this, have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by!!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Adventures in Stamping Challenge-Stamped Gradient

Hello All, it is a nice rainy , lazy Sunday it  :)
The FB group Adventures in Stamping's challenge for today was a tie on the vote, so I actually had somewhat of a choice. I opted to stamp my gradient with an animal print.
The Cast of Character for the gradient....the colors used in order from left to right, from cuticle to tip.

The gradient finished...

The Cast of Characters for the stamping...
And finally , the finished product...

I was pleased, even though it is nothing special, I went with the tried and true cheetah print, I think it turned out pretty good!!!  I hope everyone has a great day, I am off to play with my new Fun 1 and 2 image plates!!!  See ya later, thanks for coming by  :)