Monday, January 9, 2012

Gifted Day

Good Evening All!!  How was  everyone's day???  Mine was GREAT!!!....I got presents  :) :)
My daughter, Lauren, was in Walgreens last week and there was a box of nail  supplies marked down to $ couldn't tell what was in it, so she took a chance and got it for me!
 Brown paper box...kinda scary!!
This is what was in it....
 I was impressed for $5.00, even more impressed when I really looked at everything.

But I got really excited when I saw these!!!

I had never tried these, and I needed some "chromey" colors to stamp with!!  They are fantastic for stamping. I joined the FB group " Adventures in  Stamping", you can join at the following link if interested.

There is a weekly "theme" to be posted on Sundays.  This week it was green........I  DO NOT LIKE GREEN  :(
But ,this is what I came up with and I used the Color Quik in green to stamp.

So, I had a great day!!!  Sorry for such a long post, just soooo much to say today :)   Thank you for stopping by, have a good evening.


  1. I love those Color Quick pens, they are great for stamping. Your manicure came out so pretty.


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