Saturday, March 31, 2012

52 Week Challenge, Week 13, Ruffian...stamped!

Good Evening All, I thought I had better do Week 13 of the 52 Week Challenge, since tomorrow starts Week 14!!!!  I DO NOT LIKE RUFFIAN MANI'S....they just are not for me   :(
The base coat was CG  For Audrey, and stamped with SC Black on Black...and it streaked with the top coat  :(

The complete Cast of Characters.....

And the finished Animal Ruffian.....

Hope you like it...have a great evening...until tomorrow!!!!

Friday, March 30, 2012

I Tried, I Really Did

Hi All...I have tried, really, to do a more "spring" looking mani...just couldn't do it!!!  I LOVE the darker, deeper shades  :)
I went to Dollar General to pick up some Hamburger Helper for nutritious, I know!!! But I just "happened" along the polish aisle...picked up this LA Colors  and had to have it!!
This was 3 coats, nice formula, didn't run , nice application.  Then I stamped with XL Cheeky plate D and SC Black on Black.

I was so happy with it and then I noticed the "bubbles"...I think it was the ceiling fan  :(   Anyway, I still like it, hope you do too!!

The final product...

Thanks for stopping in, see ya tomorrow!!!

Stumped and Slumped

Good Afternnoon a slump and stumped today  :(   Couldn't decide what to do on the frustrating.  I ended up sponging for Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge  "Buy Your Easter Eggs".
 I sponged over Orly A Champagne with the following colors....

This is how it turned out, I even got a compliment and "how did you do that?!"  in the store!!!

So then I HAD to go and stamp it, and ruin it  :(
I used IP BM 205 with Kleancolor Metallic Purple.
The finished product...

So, since I don't like it, means I will be doing another mani real quick!!  Thanks for stopping by, will see ya later today!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New Attitude Mani

Good Evening All...sorry that I was MIA yesterday, but I had my first , probably not the last, racially motivated comment on Pinterest  :(   I was really upset and was considering stopping  blogging.  My friends at Adventures in Stamping helped me to feel better and see that this "person" was wrong.  Thank you sooo much ladies!!!!
I decided that I would not let her steal my joy of blogging :)
Now, for todays mani....
My base coat was SC Athens, I just love this blue/green.  It only took 2 coats for full coverage, probably could have only done one!!!   The IP was the XL Cheeky -D stamped with SH Hard as Nails Black Heart.

And the finished product...

I like it!!! Hope you do to,,,thank you for coming by and also for all the kind comments that you always give me   :)  See ya tomorrow!!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Poison Dart

Good Morning is Monday, and I have to go back to work  :(
I picked up a few SH Insta Dri for stamping this weekend, thought I would try one out today.  A very vibrant blue, Brisk stamped beautifully!!   While doing my Hunger Games mani, one of my black polishes got reallly I frankened it!

This pic was taken outside...
This is the SH Brisk Blue....really bright!!!
And the IP used...
After I did the mani I realized that it looked like the back of a Poison Dart Frog!!!
I found this pic at Pets Foto, a really neat site!!!

And finally, the finished product, which I loved!!!.......

Aside from a little smudging from the top coat, I think it turned out good   :)
Everyone have a great Monday!!!!  Thank you so much for stopping in  :)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Black and White

Good Morning All, hope you are having a good Sunday!!  I had a great time with the "Queen and Princess"  this weekend  :)
The FB group Adventures in Stamping challenge today was for a mani Black and White.  It took me quite awhile to decide on this one, black and white are difficult to do....every little "mistake" shows   :(
I finally decided to paint the nails black and stamp with white and IP Shaney 21. This is one of my favorite IP, so delicate and feminine.

I liked it, how about you???  Thank you for stopping in, have a gorgeous day!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Hunger Games !!!!!

Good Morning All!!  I am so excited...I am going to my daughters AKA "The Queen", to see Hunger Games this afternoon.  There will also be a couple of my sisters and my granddaughter AKA "The Princess"   :)
So , of course , we HAD to do our nails!!  The Princess spent the night with me and we have done our nails already....  My inspiration for these nails came from Colores de Carol, she is awesome, check her out!!!

The Cast of Characters was large for this one...

And the finished product!!!

My "mini me"

Sorry for all the pics, I got carried away!!   :0  I hope everyone has a Fantastic Friday...I will be back in a couple of days...thank you for coming by    :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Blue Bandana

Good Morning All, hope you are having a Thrilling Thursday!!
I have been wanting to use the paisley, or amoeba, image on the Cheeky XL-I plate, so today I did it!!
After doing it , I thought that it looked like a blue bandana!!
The Cast of Characters is as follows...
The images from the XL-I plate were these...

The second one I used as kind of a "filler", there was too much "dead" surface on the nail.  I also used alittle "bling" today!!

The finished product...

Not too bad!!! Have a wonderful day...tomorrow is Hunger Games!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Grey and Pink

Good Morning All!!  Today I am using as a base a franken that I made a long time ago, don't even remember what I used  :(  It is a grey shimmer, I think it is pretty!!

The XL Cheeky Plate D was used with Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Love Rocks.  Has anyone else tried the Hard as Nails for stamping?  This was a first time for me , and it was perfect for stamping.  I have purchased a couple of red/pink tones...will have to try some other shades and see how they work.

The Cast Of Characters...

And , the finished product...

I like it!! I love the way you can see the shimmer of the franken  :)  I hope everyone has a Wonderful Wednesday....thanks for coming by today  :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

52 Week Challenge,Week 12, Skittle Mani

Wow, look at me, 2 posts in one day!!!  I decided to go ahead and do my challenge mani for the 52 Week Challenge.  This is week 12, Skittle.
The Cast of Characters for this was big!! I went with more of a "spring " theme.

Does anyone else have problems with the lighter shades of a creme looking  thick after only 2 coats?  It could just be the operator , I guess  :)

So, as usual, I HAD to stamp it!! I used the dots on the CH6 IP, and white Art Deco to stamp with.

And the finished product...

They do kinda look like candy!!! Have a good evening , see ya tomorrow  :)