Monday, December 31, 2012

My Fav's of 2012

Hello All....I guess everyone is getting ready to celebrate the end of 2012!!!!  It has been a very "interesting" year for me.  It was my first full year of blogging, I ended a 20 year relationship and started "Operation Jackie", had ALOT of dental work done....some not too fun :(   , stopped smoking and gained 20 pounds, participated in my first 5K, vacationed in Chicago.....and that is just to name a few of the things that happened!!!!!

So , I decided to pick out the "fav's" of the mani's that I did  this year and put them in a short video....I tried to just pick one per month.....didn't happen!!
Just sit back and watch, you don't have to click or scroll....just watch!!!

I want to let everyone know how blessed I feel to have had you guys stopping by , commenting, encouraging me, and helping me through the tough times.....thank you.   I hope you will stick around for 2013, and I do owe a giftaway in January, I am trying to make it my best yet, that is why I waited!!!    Thank you, have a safe and blessed New Year!!!!           Jackie

Sunday, December 30, 2012

AIS Challenge...Happy New Year's Mani

Hello All....sorry I have been missing for awhile.....the nasty "bug" got me and then got Princess Teghan   :(
I am doing fine now, she is still a sick girl    :(
Today's challenge in AIS is to do a mani  for  a Happy New Year's.   I have stayed home for years  now and watched the Twilight Zone Marathon....I know boring.....but it works for me!!!!!   So I went with some traditional bling for this mani.

Cast of Characters..... I forgot to take a pic of the IP.....Cheeky CH16

The base coat of Milani Gold Glitz....

 I love this gold!!!

I decided to add a coat of WNW Fergie  "Tonight's Gonna Be A Good Night"

Since it was for AIS, I needed to stamp......

I liked the way it turned out!!!!  I hope everyone has a happy and safe New Years Eve.................Jackie

Friday, December 28, 2012

One down, one more to go!!!

Good morning All!!!  Christmas over, just one more holiday to go....then things can get back to normal!!!!
I decided to go  "calm" on my nails for my mani today....just kinda tired of all the red, green, "busy" look to all my mani's lately   :)

Cast of Characters.....

I used another Color Club....that I don't know the name of!!!    And CG Trendsetter for stamping.....
Of course, one of my favorite images....the paisley  !!!!

The base coat....

This is really pretty all alone!! I love the way that Color Club applies, very smooth , no streaking!!

Now the final product....I like it  :)

Hope you like it!!!  I am going to be a Grinch today....and take down ALL  the Christmas decorations!!!   Then, I think I will do a gradient for tomorrow!!!  Have a blessed day...........................Jackie

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Golden Christmas Trees

Merry Christmas has been a long , but absolutely , wonderful day!!!!!    I wish we had toned down this holiday a longggggg time was so stress free!!!  Everyone got along...for the most part   LOL
Today , one of my manis was featured in Giuliana Rancic's Fabfitfun's Festive Mani's. I am still in awe over this!!!   I redid the mani in a different color scheme today for Christmas.....

Cast of Characters.....

And the final product.....

And here is the first one......

Thank you all for stopping by, and I hope that you had a great day today!!!


Monday, December 24, 2012

I Have Been Whirled Away To FabFitFun !!!

Good Morning All!!!! is cold here today, really feeling like the holiday season now!!!  I hope everyone is prepared...I think I am, just some cooking baking and decorating today  :)
Needless to say, manicures have taken a back seat in things lately, but all is good, it has been worth it!!  Yesterdays mani was done to match my black sweater with "bling" on it!!

Cast of Characters.... The Julep ,Leighton, was my base coat.  I forgot to put the Northern Lights that I used next in the photo....brain skip!!!   And then the CG Whirled Away was used as the top coat.  It turned out "interesting" vote is still out on this....but it did match my sweater    LOL!!!

Now for the finished product......

Well, there it is....hope you like it.  I want to also tell everyone how excited that I am for tomorrow.....My White Christmas Tree mani was chosen to be in Giuliana Rancic's FabFitFun , on her Christmas Day e-newsletter!!!!  It will be in the Festive DIY Manicures Article............if you are interested in seeing it, I will be posting a link tomorrow!!!  Thanks for stopping safe and happy holidays   :)


Saturday, December 22, 2012

Not another Christmas Mani

Good Morning All!!!   Hope all are well, I am up bright and "baby" sister is coming in today.  We are going to make one of those T-Shirt blankets for her daughter....wish us luck!!!

Today's mani was done with another of my new Color Club...well, new to is an old collection, but I am still thrilled to have it!!

This is the set..... Some gorgeous shades in there!!!

Here is the Cast of Characters....

 Of course, you know I can't figure out the color names of these shades:(   Any help in this would be appreciated   :)
 Now, for the base coat....

And the finished product after the stamping...I loved this, and wore it for several days!!!!

I hope you like it!!  Have a safe and blessed day!!!                                     Jackie

Friday, December 21, 2012

Color Club Snow Flakes

Hello All....hope all is good with everyone.   I am still using the "dinasour" computer...but I just had to post...couldn't stand it is just soooo frustrating to use this computer  :(
Anyways, I picked up a Color Club Winter Affair Set a few weeks ago.....this is a mani done with the red in the set.   I wish I knew how to figure out what the color names I just not getting it or are they in some secret code or what?????

Here is a pic of the set.....

Now for the finished product..... The Image plate used is Cheeky CH46......

I used Pic Monkey to get the snow effect on the pic.  It used to be completely there is a monthly charge for the "Royal" effects  :(
Hope you like this.....I want to wish everyone a safe and blessed holiday season, what ever it is that you celebrate...may it be happy!!!                      Jackie

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I am still here!

Good Morning All!!!  Sorry that I have not been around for a few issues  :(
It takes forever to do anything on the computer I am using since mine died.    So,  It will still be a little longer before I can post my pics again, hopefully just a few more days.  Bear with me!!!   

                            I'll Be Back  !!!!!!

Have a blessed day..........................Jackie

Sunday, December 16, 2012

AIS....Stamping Over A Red Base

Hello All.....Today's challenge in AIS is to use red as your base color.  I did not want to do anything Christmasy.....need a break from  bells, Santa, and snowmen!!
I used  a new Pure Ice that I picked up for my first I wasn't sure if it was red or a deep pinkish...actually, still not sure!!

I decided to keep it simple...I am doing a reading at the church Christmas program tonite....I hate speaking in front of crowds!!   :(    At least I am first on the  program....get it over with quick!!    Any ways, I used another of the Gals IP......GA29.....

Now the finished product.....

I am pleased with it, hope you like it!
Now ,I have a favor to ask of light of the tragedy that happened in Newtown Conn.........hug your family tight and TELL them that you love them....we so often think that people "know " that we love them...but they need to hear it too.   As you know, the "Queen"  is a  Kindergarten teacher and this hit close to home at how easily this type of thing is happening now days.   Take care, and have a blessed day...............Jackie

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Party Mani and Mini Giftaway Winner!!

Hello All!!  First of all....thanks to everyone for the wonderful bday was an awesome day for me!!!  The day after my birthday was my office nails matched my shirt!!
Cast Of Characters....

Now for the final product....I matched the shirt PERFECTLY!!!!

Isn't it pretty!!!  Now for the  winner of the  mini "giftaway".....there were only 9 entries  :(
So I wrote all the names down...not everyone included their I will post the winner here and hope they contact me by Monday...that is when I want to mail it out!!

My "daddy" chose the winner......
Isn't this the cutest bowl??!!!

Now the WINNER.......

It is hard to see, but it says "Sherie"!!!  Congrats Sherie, but you did not leave your need to contact me at the email address on this blog by Monday, or I will have to pick some one else.  Thank you again to everyone for the bday wishes and the input of what to have in the January Giftaway!!!!    Also , just FYI, my computer died  :(    I am using my daughter's old one....and it is soooooo slow, it has taken me forever to do this post.   I won't be getting a new computer until next bear with my short and possible sporadic  posts!!!  Have a blessed day.........................................Jackie

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12-12-12......Happy Birthday to Me!!!!!

Good Morning All!!!  Today is 12-12-12 .....My birthday!!!!  I have just a fun mani for you today....I don't normally put alot of different images on my nails in one mani....but I did today!!  First I want to show you a bday card that one of the patients where I work gave to me yesterday....she hand made it and  made a special trip in to give it to me!!!

Isn't this the cutest thing????
Now for my mani for today.... just a fun , light hearted one, the way today is going to be  :)

I had planned a big giftaway for today, I have had some things donated, but I also wanted to get some nice Dashica, MyOnline Shop, Bunny Nails , Sugar Bubbles, Fab Ur Nails....or any other suggestions that you may have!!!  So I have opted to wait until January, when I have the extra funds to purchase some cool plates......But today I have a mini "giftaway"!!!

This was donated to me by Cheeky....they have been sooo awesome to me....Thanks Cheeky!!!
Sooo, to enter, just leave a comment, telling me what cool image plates you would like to see in the January Gift Away, and don't forget to leave your email so I can contact you if you should win the drawing......I am just going to put all names on a piece of paper and have my daddy draw a winner....old school!!!!

Have a blessed day!!!!                           Jackie.....the birthday Girl   :)