Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Which Way Wednesday

Hello All....It's Wednesday......
I used an untried today, China Glaze "Near Dark"....which is a deeeepppp  green that looks black. I hadn't tried it yet, got it on clearance a long time ago and thought it was kinda ugly!!!  Then I got to thinking that it would look good with the new gold that I got.....
This is 3 heavy coats is a very sheer polish  :(
Next I added a coat of Northern Lights Gold........ Looks pretty like this!

 The  entire Cast Of Characters....

Lastly, I stamped using IP BM-317 and Maybelline Color Show in Bold Gold....I LOVE this gold!!

Soooo, Which way do you like it best????

Thanks for stopping by tonight....have a blessed evening........Jackie


  1. The northern lights is awesome. I don't have the gold but I need it.

  2. I love which way wednesdays! Its become one of my favorite posts of the week :-P I like all three of these!

  3. The third way is my favourite, everything about this manicure just works so perfectly

  4. Super pretty! I can't decide between 2 and 3 both are amazing in their own way. Where did you get Northern Lights gold? I've seen the silver (still need to get it, looks so pretty) but I've never seen the gold. It's gorgeous!

    1. Thank you Erica....I got the NL Gold in Chicago...but I think that Sally's carry's it!

  5. Looks very pretty with the glitter and stamping :D


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