Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Which Way Wednesday

Good Evening is Wednesday :)
As my base I used one of my new polishes from my trip....CG Rainstorm, the funny thing is that I did a post a couple of days ago using a SC polish called Rain Storm!!! They are 2 totally different shades, you can see it here
The funny thing is , that I didn't even realize that they had the same name until this morning!!!!
I also did a coat of Sation Video Game Vixen over  the base.  I picked up a couple of Sation's, my first....I really like the formula on them, very easy application.

The base coat, Rainstorm....
Now with the Sation Video Game Vixen...
There was a challenge in Purple Crumpet Fairy Summer Challenge to do a splatter I decided to go ahead and use this as my base. Acrylic paints in yellow, green and white was used to "splatter".  Instead of a straw, I used a small brush and "flicked" the paint onto the it is before cleanup....I love splatter mani's , but hate the mess  :(
And, after the cleanup....kinda bright!!!
Soooo, which way do you like it?????  I think that I like #2 the best....

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Have a blessed evening.......Jackie


  1. They are all great, I think my favorite is #3 :)

  2. Thanks Stephanie, I messed up the tips during the cleanup :(

  3. It looks awesome both ways!! :D

  4. These are amazing! Love the splatter! I have that Sation polish too, love it! :)

  5. tats very nice glitter and splatter..thats dedication ^_^ they look great

  6. love the stamping and the splater!

  7. I have never tried splatter nails. Love this final result.


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