Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday's Mani....not too sure about this one :(

Hello All, todays mani is....well, I am not too sure what to call it  :(    Not necessarily a fail, but I am not too fond of it.  But , gotta take the good with the bad.....
Cast Of Characters.....

And this is how it turned out.......

Soooooo....back to the drawing board, have a blessed evening.
Oh , don't forget to enter the "Gift Away"....only 7 days left!!!!    Jackie


  1. It is cute dear! :)
    Some people think that stamping is easy. But they are so wrong!

  2. I actually kinda like it! Maybe if each color faded into the next more instead of the transition being so bold, it'd be better.

    1. you may be right....this is not how it looked in my head!!

  3. I really like this! The colors look great together! I agree with ScarsLikeLace, perhaps if you blended the colors a bit together on the plate the gradiation between colors would be smoother =)


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