Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The New 31 day Challenge...Day 1, Black and White

I hope All had a good NYE......I woke early this morning with a stomache flu.....I just wish I could get well :(
It is a good thing that I had done this mani last night, I am going to do the The New 31 Day Challenge in Crumpets Nail Tarts.  This is my first 31 day Challenge, so I am pretty much dropping everything else and doing this!!!
Cast Of Characters...

I did a base of SC Black on Black and then "tried" to do a water marble with the whites....didn't turn out as I wanted............

See how it is just all white and the air bubbles...I decided to try to salvage it by stamping over it with black and one of the LLC-B  images...

Here is the final product.....I think it looks like my stomache feels, all twisted up!!!!!

Thanks for coming by today....I must return to my couch   :(     Have a blessed day ...................Jackie


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  1. I think the stamping saved this one, looks great! Hope you feel better!

  2. oh wow - how to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat! stamping miracle xx

  3. I love it when something so beautiful comes out of something we don't originally like!!! This is super gorgeous Jackie!!!

  4. The stamping looks gorgeous over the top, good save! Hope you feel better soon! x

  5. I love it with the stamping. I saw a youtube video where the lady added in clear polish and that made the base color come through. She used glitter for it. I hope you feel better!!

  6. Wow!!! this is so pretty. Love the stamping for it looks so elegant and classy. Great job on this mani!

  7. This actually looks so cool! I'm glad your water marble didn't work out, (all though I'm sure you weren't so pleased), because it really made this swirl amazing!

  8. It looks smokey, thats so awesome! I hope you get well soon!


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