Thursday, January 31, 2013

Split Perso-Nail-Ity Review

Hello All!!  I stopped my Sally's on my way home yesterday "just for  some SV" and my favorite salesperson was there....and of course she had to show me some new polish that goes on sale tomorrow!!!  I now have one on "hold" for me until I go back to work on Monday!!!!
I did pick up one the China Glaze Tranzitions polish, in pink... so here is my review of it.....the jury is still out  :(

 I love the color, but the formula I am not too sure of , kinda streaky, takes two coats for coverage, maybe that is because of it's ability to change seems to dry semi matte.... this is it  with no top coat.....

 I put SV on one nail so you could see the change......I like the new shade, but it is really streaky, it could just be my application...but I did it twice and it was the same both times.....

Here is the complete mani with top coat.... pretty shade  isn't it   :)

Since I am not too thrilled with this overall,I decided to see how it would stamp....and it was fabulous!!!!! This is stamped with no top coat....

The IP used was Cheeky CH 52...

But it just didn't "feel " right that I did not have a top coat on.....kinda like having your undies on and no shirt or pants!!!  So, just for grins, I did a coat of Northern Lights Gold....I was interested to see if it would change anything with the stamping.....

It didn't change a thing...and I really liked the finished about you???
I still don't think I will purchase any others, unless it is for stamping purposes......have a wonderful night and a  Blessed Friday...................................................Jackie


  1. How odd, I was wondering if you had to use the ChG topcoat with it to change it up, or any top coat. That and like you, I would feel really weird not having a top coat of some sort on! I nearly grabbed one today, but passed, glad I did =)

  2. I totally agree with you. I think I will wait til they are on clearance. Lol! Thanks for sharing!


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