Saturday, January 5, 2013

Purple, Day 5!!!

Hello!! I still have a little over an hour to make  it on time!!! Today is day 5 of The New 31 Day Challenge in Crumpet Nail Tarts.  So, you should know that purple is my favorite color......

Cast Of Characters....

The base coat of CG Spontaneous.....this after a day of packing away dad decided that he was ready to give away my mothers clothes.....hard day :(

I decided to use SH Insta Dri "Jumpin Jade" and another "un named" Color Club in a dark purple for my stamping.   LeaLac   LLC-B IP was used for the stamping image....

I am pleased with the outcome!!!But my problem is that tomorrow's challenge is to do your favorite color family......I did that today!!!!  So I guess I will do my second favorite and I also will incorporate the challenge in Adventures In Stamping into the mani.....that challenge is to do a mani based on the book I am reading now!!!   It happens to be "City Of Bones".....hmmmmmm

Thanks for stopping in tonight....see ya blessed!!                        Jackie


  1. They don't call it a challenge for no reason. Lol. You can do it. You always have beautiful nails. I don't think I could do it. :-) This looks so cool!

  2. Very cute! Your stamping is great!


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