Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Day 8, Duochrome,Flakie, Holographic!!!

Hello All, todays challenge in the New 31 Day Challenge in Crumpets Nail Tarts is to do a mani using a duochrome, flakie or holographic polish......I don't have any duochromes or flakies.....how deprived I am  :(  I believe that I Have a holographic.....Orly "Fowl Play", I have had this for over a year now and never wore it!!!   Oh , what I have missed ...It is beautiful!  It it like a cross between a flakie and a holographic.
Cast Of Characters.....
Isn't it gorgeous????
 Of course, you knew I was going to stamp.....................

Here is the base coat.....   love it!!!!

So I loved it so much that I want to wear it a second day, so I stamped with Pure Ice "Iced Copper", gorgeous and stamps perfect!!!   I used the GAls GA32 image plate......

So, there it is.....I am so happy with it, hope you like it!!  Have a wonderful, blessed day tomorrow!!!


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  1. This is stunning, Jackie. I love the colors & your stamping is always gorgeous! =)


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