Sunday, January 27, 2013

AIS Challenge...Tape Mani

Hello All.....Today's mani is for the challenge in  the FB group Adventures in Stamping....a Tape of my least favorite types of mani's to do  :(

Cast Of Characters...

  I used WNW Megablast "Through The Grapevine" as my base coat....

I stamped with SH Insta Dri in "Blue-Away" and image plate BM-317....and then had a brain skip and forgot to take a pic!!!!

My sister retired from 3M and yearly gives a little "care package" of tape, post it notes, that type of thing.  So I used the Post It Note Flags as the tape for my mani.  I hate  cutting the tape, it is never even and gets stuck to everything.....these little flags are pre cut,and have the paper end that you can hold on great  :) Orly "After Party" was used for the taped part of the mani.

The final product....

Well, there it last tape mani for awhile!!!!   Hope everyone has a great day....blessings.......Jackie


  1. lol, I think it turned out cute! You should do tape manis more often!

  2. I too struggle with tape manis! I feel your pain. You have a beautiful color combo going on here though! It turned out great!

  3. These are cute! I love that base WnW you used!


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