Friday, January 11, 2013

Day 11....Splatter

Hello All....tonite I have Day 11 in Crumpet Nail Tart's New 31 Day Challenge......Splatter!!
I like splatter mani's , but they are soooo messy to clean up, for me anyway!!!
I started with a base coat  of Snow Me White. I am just not a fan of white polish on my nails  :(
Then I decided to try water color paint to "splatter " with.....I watered down the black paint and used a small brush to "flick" the paint onto my nail.  It worked, but I was not real thrilled about the way it dried....just kinda weird.  So, I used a no name , cheap teal polish that I got at Dollar General, thinned it down with non acetone remover and repeated the process with it....worked fine!   Since I don't like shiny white, I used a matte top is wearable now  :)

It is okay, not one of my favorites....I guess this is one of the reasons that it is called a "challenge" get you to try different things!!
Thanks for stopping in..........................Have a blessed night!!!                          Jackie


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