Monday, January 7, 2013

Day 7, Ombre or Skittle....New 31 Day Challenge

Hi is day 7 of the New 31 Day Challenge in  Crumpet Nail Tarts on FB.  The mani for today is to be an Ombre or Skittle mani....I chose to do a skittle....a teal skittle!!!

Cast Of Characters... I didn't realize that I had sooo many "teal" shaded polishes!!!

 The "Skittle" mani....

Of course, I  HAD to stamp it!!!!

The "bumpy " looking things on the nails are actually the glitter in the stamping polish , which was Pure Ice , Electric.
While shopping in Wall World today, I say the NYC Matte top coat and decided to pick it up since I was out.....sooooo, I tried it......

I  doesn't seem to make things quite as matte as I would like, but it is okay.
Thanks for stopping by....sorry that I have not been posting on your blogs....this dinosaur computer drives me crazy!!!  I am doing good just to get a post out...takes forever!!!!  Hopefully , I will be back full force soon!!!  Have a blessed night....................Jackie


  1. Your favorite mash image!! Sooo pretty!! Love this design! I think teal is my second favorite color in nail polish!! It is soo beautiful!

  2. I love that image! I like this mani with the matte tc. Maybe try two layers of the matte tc next time? It may matte it more for you. :-)


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