Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Alittle "Rusty"

Good Morning All, sorry that I have been MIA .....just haven't felt like doing my nails or blogging  :(
I have been working on a phase of Operation Jackie, and have lost 3.5 pounds, I keep telling myself "slow and steady wins the race"   !!!!
Okay, for todays mani I did a gradient, well, at least that was my intention....I think my colors were just too similar, but I still like it!
The Cast Of Characters....

I really love the colors here, they just played together maybe alittle "too" well.....
The finished product....

I am pleased, hope you like it.  I am trying to get back the love of blogging...just having a down time right now.....everyone take care, thanks for coming by.............Have a blessed day!!!                  


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