Friday, February 1, 2013

Lazy 31 Day Challenge....Day 1 Black and White

Happy Friday All!!!!  Hope everyone is having a great day.....I , along with some others, decided to do the 31 day challenge at a slower, or lazier pace!!!  Here is Day 1 of  Crumpet Nail Tarts 31 Day Challenge....Black and White!!

Cast of Characters....

I do not like white nail polish, except for stamping....but I decided to break out of my comfort zone, since this is a "challenge" , and go with white for my base.....I used SC "Snow Me White", and Orly "Au Champagne" as the base...

Next, I added a coat of China Glaze "Whirled Away"....

This was fine by itself, but I HAVE  to stamp, so I used IP Cheeky CH16 and Konad Special Black Polish....

So, here it is my Busy Black and White mani !!!!  Hope you like it and it doesn't give you a headache  :)
I won't be on tomorrow.....Princess Teghan is a "troll" in a production of  5 Minute Fairy Tales at the Springfield Little Theatre League.  Can't wait, excited to see her  :)   Have a good saturday.......blessings........            Jackie


  1. wow - i was wondering if you'd used that stamp and then coloured bits in. How genius to do it over the glitter! love it xx

  2. I am so glad you decided to do this challenge!! Pretty!!


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