Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Which Way Wednesday

Good Evening All....It is Wednesday :)  The Cast of Character is small tonite...

I used CG Trendsetter as the base....

BM312 stamped with Konad Black was used next....I am not sure what this image is...but I like it!!

 Then I used BM 313 with Konad White for the stamping.....

And here is how it looks matte......

I liked would look good with just the right animal print top!!!
Soooo....what do you think???  Which way or no way....

Thanks for coming by   :)  Have a blessed evening  !!!


  1. Very cool! They all look great!

  2. I just had to follow after seeing this... it looks really pretty!!!

  3. I looooove this!!!!! best animal print i've seen ever!!

  4. That's a really amazing mani and stamp layering! You're so talented :) (I just discovered you, and am definitely following!)

  5. Thanks everyone, I really like this one too :)

  6. LOVE IT!!! What a great idea.. I never thought of that way for stripes.. Way easier to make them and probably less time consuming.. Will be trying this one I think.. Great mani..

  7. This looks amazing! Super good idea.

  8. I really love the first stamp you used! It has a fun, grassy, blowing in the wind feel to it!!

  9. I... can't decide! lool i would wear them all!


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