Friday, June 8, 2012

Purple Crumpet Fairy Summer Challenge...Hot Hot Hot

Good Evening All.....I did my Purple Crumpet Fairy Summer Challenge today....Hot Hot turned out a fail....looked really "yucky".  So I decided to try to salvage it.....things went like this......
I started with a base coat of  LA Colors Festive.
Then I proceeded to sponge with Orly Star Spangled, SH Black Heart and CG Luxe and Lush.  Things were okay until the is what made it look yucky....kinda dirty looking  :(

Doesn't it look "dirty" ???  So I opted to do some stamping.  First I stamped with Konad M57 and Milani White on the Spot....which was overpowering.  So plan B, I taped off and painted part of the nail with the Milani and restamped with Konad Black, and the other part of the nail I painted black......Here is how it turned out...

Not  my best work  :(    Thanks for coming by All!!!


  1. This is a really gorgeous color!! ^.^ I love the leopard print on top!

  2. I don't think it's a fail! I think it looks pretty neat!


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