Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Which Way Wednesday

Good Evening more day and VACATION starts!!!!  Can't wait to go to Chicago and go to Lynamy Nail and Beauty Supply...picking up things for my stash and for the giveaway  :)
Tonights Which Way Wednesday started out with  SC Cinderella and a coat of Nubar White Polka Dot...

I used IP Cheeky CH-11 and Konad White and Blue...this is how I wore it to work today.....

Then , tonight I added stamping using IP Mash-47 and Konad Black....this is how I will wear it tomorrow....

I like this one...but I really like the abstract geometric designs rather than alot of flowers.....
Which way do you like it?????

Thanks to all for stopping by tonight....Jackie


  1. You're rockin' those nails Jackie! They look great...hope you get to enjoy your vacation and buy the beauty supply out.

  2. thanks Connie...this is a much needed vacation :)

  3. Loving the final step! Wow so cool. Hope you have a great vacation.

  4. I really like this with the blue and white multi-colored stamping! ^.^

  5. You are so magnificent at stamping. I love your nail art!

  6. I love these they are soo cool :)
    I gave you an award on my blog


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