Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Which Way Wednesday

Good Evening All!!   Which Way Wednesday time  :)
I picked up a LA Colors recently....thought I would like it....I don't, which I didn't realize until I had used it as my base coat.....  Pink Sizzle

I knew I had to do something to tone this down.  I added SH Insta=Dri  Lightening and WnW Chrome I Got A New Com-Pewter.....odd name.........

I was so discouraged that I just went to bed with it like this.   I like to paint at night and stamp in the mornings.
I decided to use  Mash -41, the zebra print.....

Konad black was used for the stamping....
Outside in the sunlight this morning...
I really couldn't find anything to change it I matted it...

Outside in the sunlight this evening...
Soooo, which way do you like it....I can't quite decide between the matte and non matte!!!

Thanks for stopping in, don't forget to vote on what you want for the giveaway....upper left hand corner!   The first item for it will be delivered tomorrow  :)   Have a blessed evening....Jackie


  1. Pre matted rocks!! I love the color combo.

  2. I really like it before you mattified it! The stampind with the multicolored base is awesome! :)

  3. Very pretty! I like it shiny best! ^.^

  4. Looks really great. I prefer it glossy :]


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