Saturday, July 7, 2012

"Hot" Pink and Shellac For Life Contest!!!

Afternoon is soooooo HOT... :(   104 degrees here the last time I checked.  Needless to say, I have been inside trying to be cool, and having trouble with manis.....either too cold or too hot or too much air from the ceiling fan....:(   I did manage to get something somewhat "Hot" Pink, with emphasis on the hot!!!!
My base was Orly Swizzle Stick, which I love, stamped with  Mash 48 and Konad Black.....

Also, today I got an email from Rachael with regarding an entry that I made for their contest  to win Shellac For Life.....wouldn't that be awesome!!???   She wanted to know if I would pass the info on to my followers.....

I could work with this!!! And would probably need some sort of addiction support group along with it!!!
You can enter here  ...check it out...someone has to win  :)


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