Saturday, July 28, 2012


Good Morning All!!!  I am finally back from my trip to bed never felt sooo good as last night   :)
I want to share my pics from the past week, so this will pic heavy....warning!!!
I did our nails for the trip....the cheetah nails on the "Queen" are my fav....
We started by spending a day and night in St. Louis Missouri....I was born and raised in the state and never saw the Arch until now....
Not real impressed with this hotel....But Steve tried his best to make things right :)

Would you say she is aliitle excited????

We also went to The St Louis City Museum...which is an interactive playground for children and adults.....I decided to just watch  at this time  LOL!!!

I did get my face painted by "Suga Mama" with the "Princess"...

My silly girls....

There was some awesome artwork in this place!!!

Day 2 and 3 were spent in Chicago....
The hotel here was awesome, it had a roof top favorite part of the trip was sitting there at night....beautiful  :)

We had Chicago style pizza in a place that allowed you to  write on the walls, seats, about anything but the employees!!!
Then the Princess got sick  :(  Throat hurting, fever....she really needs her tonsils out!!!
We let her rest and after a few hours the meds kicked in and she was ready to go!!!  We went to Shedd  Aquarium....awesome place!!!

The last day I made it to Lynamy's....a beauty supply store....I was soooo overwhelmed, but left there with 18 bottle of polish....had a little buyers remorse...just a little  :)
Dinner that night at Bubba Gumps on the Navy Pier, yummy!!

Then we were 3 tired girls, so we went to the roof and relaxed....

Awesome view!!!  Thanks for taking time to look at my pics!!!   I picked up a total of about 25 polishes.....I need to go play!!!  Have a blessed day....Jackie


  1. Great photos! Seems like you had an amazing trip :-)

  2. What a nice day!!! And your princess is so cute! :)*** "Run Forest Run!" ah ah

  3. How fun! Glad you made it back safe and sound. Your girls are beautiful :D

  4. Looks like a fun trip for you girls!!!

  5. Aw, what wonderful photographs!!! I'm so glad you had a great time! :D

  6. Thanks everyone, it was fantastic!!

  7. Love this post and the pics too. Seems like a wonderfull time.


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