Friday, July 13, 2012

Sea Shells

Hello All....I am a day late and a dollar short on this mani!!!  The challenge in Purple Crumpet Fairy Summer Challenge for Friday was Sea Shells.This was the mani from H@*#! for me to complete today....nothing went right :(
This was my inspiration for the mani.....

Pretty huh!!  This is actually a dinner plate....I would love to have these!!!
The Cast of Characters was as follows....

Image Plate SH 04
The base coat was SH Deeply Violet, stamped with Konad Lavender and topped with some pink sparkles.
Now, before you look at the next pic, no I did not cut my other fingers off in some horrible accident.....I messed up the other fingers and refused to redo them....again!!! So I just cropped them out  :)

The final product turned out "okay" glad to be done with the sea shells!!  Hope you all had a blessed day, see ya tomorrow!!!   Jackie


  1. The colors and design are beautiful, great job Jackie! Ooo isn't it frustrating when it gets messed up, especially when you're almost done?!? :-)

  2. Oh wowzers, this is STUNNING!!! :D


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