Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Monday's Mani on Tuesday!!

Good Morning All!!!  Wonderful day beginning here.....I have yesterday's mani for you today....is that kinda like Bluto telling Popeye...."I will gladly pay you Tuesday  for a hamburger today"....sooo, I probably just lost about 99% of you!!!!!!  I am seriously dating myself...well, back to mani's.....

My Cast of Characters.....I am very impressed with the Gals Plates.....stamp wonderfully   :)

My base was 2 coats of NYC Mint Macaroon and the a coat of SC Cinderella....I was trying to match my scrub top for the day.....I succeeded!!!!

Now the final product....I was pleased....you really should check out the Gals plates if you haven't already!!!

Thank you much for stopping by today...remember tomorrow is a small surprise!!! Have a blessed day  :)



  1. Love the color and the stamping is just stunning! :)

  2. Oooooo....this is just gorgeous! I love the color and the stamping!

  3. Cute mani! That plate is so cute! I love the little cupcakes and umbrellas.


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