Friday, December 21, 2012

Color Club Snow Flakes

Hello All....hope all is good with everyone.   I am still using the "dinasour" computer...but I just had to post...couldn't stand it is just soooo frustrating to use this computer  :(
Anyways, I picked up a Color Club Winter Affair Set a few weeks ago.....this is a mani done with the red in the set.   I wish I knew how to figure out what the color names I just not getting it or are they in some secret code or what?????

Here is a pic of the set.....

Now for the finished product..... The Image plate used is Cheeky CH46......

I used Pic Monkey to get the snow effect on the pic.  It used to be completely there is a monthly charge for the "Royal" effects  :(
Hope you like this.....I want to wish everyone a safe and blessed holiday season, what ever it is that you celebrate...may it be happy!!!                      Jackie


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