Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12-12-12......Happy Birthday to Me!!!!!

Good Morning All!!!  Today is 12-12-12 .....My birthday!!!!  I have just a fun mani for you today....I don't normally put alot of different images on my nails in one mani....but I did today!!  First I want to show you a bday card that one of the patients where I work gave to me yesterday....she hand made it and  made a special trip in to give it to me!!!

Isn't this the cutest thing????
Now for my mani for today.... just a fun , light hearted one, the way today is going to be  :)

I had planned a big giftaway for today, I have had some things donated, but I also wanted to get some nice Dashica, MyOnline Shop, Bunny Nails , Sugar Bubbles, Fab Ur Nails....or any other suggestions that you may have!!!  So I have opted to wait until January, when I have the extra funds to purchase some cool plates......But today I have a mini "giftaway"!!!

This was donated to me by Cheeky....they have been sooo awesome to me....Thanks Cheeky!!!
Sooo, to enter, just leave a comment, telling me what cool image plates you would like to see in the January Gift Away, and don't forget to leave your email so I can contact you if you should win the drawing......I am just going to put all names on a piece of paper and have my daddy draw a winner....old school!!!!

Have a blessed day!!!!                           Jackie.....the birthday Girl   :)


  1. Good Morning
    For the January giveaway you should include the New Gals plates(both sets) or the New Red Angel..My Email is Thanks Cheree
    Good Luck Ladies...

  2. I don't want to enter the giveaway but want to wish you a very Happy Birthday and may you be blessed with many more! Love your blog and nails!

  3. Happy happy Birthday!! :) i just love your happy happy birthday mani!

    For Jan, vivid lacquer on etsy has some really interesting designs!

    Hope you have a fantastic day!

  4. Happy Birthday Ms. Jackie! I would also love to see both sets of the new gals plates in your January "giftaway" :) (

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! I love you cute little mani!

    I would like to see one of the new Gals sets :D or the 3rd BM set. My email is

  6. Happy Birthday Jackie...hope youhad a rocking day....for the Jan giveaway..uf possible include some indie plate makers plate like sugarbubbles or myonlineshop etc..coz most of us couldnt afford the email is

  7. belated happy birthady! thats cool your bday was 12/12/12 I got my bday on 9/9/99 it's only numbers but for some reason it makes it seem like an extra special day hehe I hope u had a lovely day, xx

  8. You are so awesome at what you do. Your blog is on my to do list every day. Happy b-day!

  9. Happy Birthday I would love to see the new gals sister company to cheeky and anything that has to do with stamping i love it. my email is


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