Saturday, December 22, 2012

Not another Christmas Mani

Good Morning All!!!   Hope all are well, I am up bright and "baby" sister is coming in today.  We are going to make one of those T-Shirt blankets for her daughter....wish us luck!!!

Today's mani was done with another of my new Color Club...well, new to is an old collection, but I am still thrilled to have it!!

This is the set..... Some gorgeous shades in there!!!

Here is the Cast of Characters....

 Of course, you know I can't figure out the color names of these shades:(   Any help in this would be appreciated   :)
 Now, for the base coat....

And the finished product after the stamping...I loved this, and wore it for several days!!!!

I hope you like it!!  Have a safe and blessed day!!!                                     Jackie

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  1. I love the combination of colors with that full nail image. I am a fan of abstract images with interesting patterns on them.


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