Sunday, December 9, 2012

AIS...Gold...and Operation Jackie Update

Good Afternoon All....Today is just an awesome day....actually it has been an awesome week for me!!!
Yesterday , another phase of Operation Jackie began....this time it was more dental work.....I had an appt with a friend that my niece works for ....a 4 1/2 hour appt, but well worth it!!!

This is the after...and these are only temporary  !!!

Dr Jim Elias and my niece Tracy McConnico, took their saturday to make my mouth pretty again...I am sooo Blessed to have them in my life!!!  If you are in the KC, Mo area and need a great dentist....check them out HERE.....I have know him for years....a wonderful caring person.

Now for my mani of the day!!!   AIS challenge for today is to use gold in some capacity....stamping or a base.  I used it as my base, here are the Cast of Characters....

The base coat of Pure Ice Jaguar and a coat of Northern Lights Gold... sorry about the "boo boo's "  I didn't wait long enough before starting dinner.....

I also got a surprise package from Cheeky....both the Gals image plate sets and Soft Cotton Rounds to review!!!  They are both awesome!!!!They are available from Amazon.....this is a sister company to Cheeky....Gals....that link will take you to where you can  see both sets!!

I am very impressed with the great the Soft Cotton Rounds work, no lint and worked like a charm...I will be ordering some of these!!!

Now for the final product!!!  I am so impressed with how well this plate stamped!!!

Hope this wasn't tooo long of a post...just had alot to say about my awesome week is very "special"  don't forget to check back in!!!   Have a blessed evening.................Jackie


  1. Your mani is very cute. I always hate when I mess mine up because I get impatient and do something else before I should >.<

  2. So sweet and i love your smile (even if it's temporary lol) :)


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