Sunday, December 2, 2012

What I Want For Christmas....NPC Challenge Week 2

Hello All...Happy favorite birthday month!!!
I am doing the Challenge at Nail Polish Canada, this week it is to do a mani based on what you  want for Christmas...a way to let people  know what you want!!!!    Well, I pretty much have everything I need, and what I want I would need to pick out myself since it would be polish or stamping plates!!!  Sooooo,  what I would want would be  MONEY!!!!
I know my entry is alittle outside of the "box".....oh well!!!

Cast Of Characters....

 Gold and Black, two of my favorite colors....but not very Christmasy I  know.....

Here is the final product.....It is what I was attempting to do....but still not Christmas....sorry!!!

Money for polish and stamping plates!!!!

If you like this, or would just like to do it for me  :) can vote for me HERE, It would be very much appreciated....thanks...........Have a Blessed Day!!!                     Jackie


  1. A manicure beautiful, perfect color for Christmas


  2. Money! Everyone wants that :)


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