Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Which Way Wednesday

Good Evening All, a very late post...sorry :(   I guess it is allergies that have me feeling soooo yucky :(
Any way, here is my Which Way Wednesday Mani!!
 I started with a base coat of Confetti Lonesome Dove, and stamped with IP BM201

I really liked the subtle tone on tone with this!!

Then I decided to double stamp with Cheeky  CH11
And finally ,I freehanded black french tips!!
So, what do you think ...Which Way???
I hope to make this Which Way Wednesday a regular that something that you would like to see or not?  Thank you for coming by tonight!!!


  1. I love it! And I like the idea of Which Way Wednesday :-) Personally the 2nd look is my favourite but they all look great, I'm really impressed by your double stamping!

  2. Um, I choose all of them! Can I do that? Seriously, though...these are awesome, I would wear them ALL! I am also loving you Which Way Wednesday idea.

  3. Thank you guys, I thought that WWW would be fun and different!!

  4. Wow. The double stamping looks flawless. Nice job.

  5. I love the first one and the third one! Beautiful!

  6. Wow - super like! Looks great!

  7. I've given you an award on my blog :-)

  8. Hummm i choose the third way! xD I like how it looked with the french tips :)**

  9. Oh I like all 3 of the ways you showed this mani, they all look great in their own rights. I love the idea of layering stamped designs and have found while doing so that it does make a difference to find the right designs and colours for it to look right. This is a winning combination!


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