Saturday, April 7, 2012

52 Week Challenge, Week 14, Striped Mani

Hello All, I hope everyone has been having a good saturday!!  I hope things for me are getting back to "normal"...whatever that is! I am back on track for posting and viewing and commenting on everyone's blogs....I have missed it  :(
Today I have week 14 of the challenge , a striped mani.  I did one that was an absolute failure, so this is my second attempt!  My base coat was SC Amethyst and I used 3 colors to hand is hard to make straight lines!!!
The Cast of Characters...

I took 2 pics, one inside my makeshift light box, and one in the sunlight

Light box

Thank you for coming by, I am looking forward to tomorrows mani...I hope it turns out how I have envisioned it!!!


  1. For some reason my pics don't come out as good as under my otte lite.

    I Love the color combo and I am fond of stripe mani's :)

  2. Pretty stripes! I need to make a light box!


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