Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Royal Cinderella

Good Morning All...yes, I am still here, as usual, "life" got in the way for the past few days!!
I know there have been many posts using SC Cinderella, and you know my "aversion" to light colored polishes....but I have one today!!

My Cast of Characters.....

This is one of my favorite IP!!

And now the finished product...

I am still not sure on the light base.....but I love the stamping shade!!!

thanks for bearing with my absence these past few days and for coming by today!!  Have a great day!!


  1. omg I LOVE this! The light blue really looks good on you as well :)

  2. I've been eyeing that Top Speed in Blue. It does look great!

  3. yeah agreed this look works so well... the pale colour looks good its not too eeek bright/pale its nice and subtle..reminded me of delft ware crockery (dutch blue/white design) which I love..I bet you could use stamping to great effect in a real delft ware themed look!

  4. I like this image a lot! So pretty design!


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