Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Stone Cold Platinum

Good Morning All!!  Since Sally's still had their buy 2 get 1 free...I stopped in and picked up a couple more of the Hunger Games collection.  Today I tried the Stone Cold....I love it, I didn't realize that it was a matte finish, and it is really nice.  Very hard to clean up though  :(
Here it is without a top coat...
And now with SV....   I like it both ways....
  The complete Cast of Characters....
 I picked up the Pure Ice Platinum...and it is great for stamping  :)
I had yet to try this image, so why not today???

And the finished product, I was pleased  :)

Thanks for taking a look, have a good day!!!


  1. Very pretty! I tried Stone Cold and I didn't like it. It looks great on you. Maybe I should try it again with a top coat like you did!

  2. I think you did lovely with this. the colors work well together.


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