Saturday, April 21, 2012

Felix The Cat

Good Evening All, I had a very , very busy day!!!  The 1st bday party was a success :)
My "baby" sister, Sherie, had a bday earlier this month....she was in love with Felix the Cat when we were little.  Now that I have my Fun 1 plate, I could do her bday mani!!!  Some of you may not know who Felix is.....

I found this image at this website.
My  Cast of Characters was...
The IP used were SH08 for the paw prints, and Fun1 for Felix.  If you haven't tried the Fab Ur Nails IP's, you are really missing something!!  The Fun1 and 2 are exactly that, alot of  images for fun manis!!!  You can find them here if you are interested or need more info.

That darn metal scraper scratched my IP  :(
Now for the mani....

Happy Bday to my little sister, and my friend...  Love Ya!!!

Thank you all for coming by tonight...enjoy the rest of your evening!!!


  1. So cute! Im sure your sister just loved this!!

  2. You are the best sister and friend that anyone could ask for. You are so creative and talented, what ever you set your mind to do it always turns out great(you are great) :) Love the Felix mani and love you!

  3. Awww.......thank you baby sis:)

  4. This is great! Happy Birthday to your sister!

  5. Love it! Hope the party was awesome!

  6. that looks cool ..i love felixs bag i always wanted one when i was younger! you should try the felix stamp with a lighter base maybe and the black for the stamp? that could look cool too..happy birthday hope you have a fun day with your sis!

  7. This one special to me, I so love it


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