Friday, April 27, 2012

Skulls N Kittens

Hi All, sorry that I haven't been around, kinda in an artistic "slump" is like no matter what I touch , it doesn't work  :(
I was soooo excited to do this skull mani today, and then the top coat smeared , d*&%$# top coat!!!
But , here it is anyways.....
I used SC Innocent as my base and stamped Fun1 and 2 with Konad Special Polish Black.

  It was so cute before the "evil" top coat....

I doesn't look bad at a distance, but with micro pics, the smearing is very obvious  ........just pretend that you don't see it...okay???

Well, maybe I will be back "with it" tomorrow, in the mean time, I have some awards to attend to.

Oh, almost forgot, a Bella's Babies update....3 weeks old now, aren't they cute!!!!

Be back soon!!!


  1. sweet kitties and the mani still looks great, smear or not! i just love that plate!

  2. I love this mani!!!! I am not usually into bones, but this I like! The babies are so adorable!

  3. Only in the mani world do you see skulls and kittens and just not bat an eye!!! Super cute! Glad Bella and baybies are doing so good!

  4. This manicure is fantastic!! I love the black and green combo! :D

    EEEE such cute kittens!! XD

  5. Cute mani! I hope you get your polish mojo back soon! I know what you mean about being in a slump ):
    Your kittens are too cute though! xo

  6. The kittens are sooo cute! I love kittens.

    I don't see any smudges in your stamping at all :)


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