Saturday, April 28, 2012

Week 16 of 52 Week Challenge, Dotticure

Good Evening All, I am behind on my 52 Week Challenge, so I decided to do one tonight...the Dotticure.
 I had this bright idea to do a tone on tone dotticure, sounds good right???  But it was hard to see with a top coat, so I matted it.  See what you think.....

Cast of Caracters...

With a fast dry top coat....hard to see isn't it!!!

Now with a matte coat.....

I decided that I liked the matted one...what about you???

Thanks for coming by again today  :)


  1. I like the matte, it makes the dots pop out a lot more :)

    1. I agree Julie, dotticures are not my fav thing to do LOL

  2. I like both. Without the matte, it has a lot of depth.

  3. I like the shiny one the best! It's so sparkly and pretty!

  4. Ooooh tough call! I like them both BUT it looks real edgy matted!

  5. I like the shiny one:-) But it sure is easist to see the dots on the matte one.

  6. I actually really love the shiny version!!

  7. Hard, very hard to decide lol. I choose... both! Ah ah! lool :)**


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