Thursday, December 1, 2011

WnW Diamond in the Rough

Hello all, I hope everyone had a good day.  Last night I decided that I needed something "sparkely" for work I picked out WnW Diamond in the Rough. It's really easy to apply, and sooo many colors show up in the sunlight!  My bf made me a makeshift light box, and it really  made a difference in my photos, especially since it is so dark when I get home now. :(

I started with my clear base coat, and then 2 coats of NYC Sidewalkers, which went on very smooth.  I put that on all but an accent nail on both hands. I painted two coats of the WnW Diamond in the Rough on the accent nails .The image plate I used was RA 102 with  LA  Art Deco in black.  I have found that this is excellent for stamping, give it a try!  I decided that the stamping needed "something" I dotted areas on the stamping with the WnW.  Topped everything off with Sally Hansen Hardener and a quik dry. I like it!!!

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