Monday, March 19, 2012

A Zebra in Smoke and Ashes

Good Afternoon All!!! I have just been enjoying my time off and doing mani's  :)
Today I have one that the base coat is one of the CG Hungry Games Collection...Smoke and Ashes.  I love this shade!!  It applies very easily and has a gorgeous green sparkle to it.

Sorry , I missed some on my finger tips on the clean up!!

I decided to stamp it, amazing , huh!!!   I used IP Konad 57 and Sinful colors Olympia. This is the first time that I tried any Sinful colors other than black for stamping, and it worked like a charm!!!

The Cast of Characters...

And my Zebra in the Smoke and Ashes....

Sorry about all the pics, but I think it turned out so pretty!! I decided to come back and edit the photo so it would show the true color of the stamping...

Hope everyone is having a Marvelous Monday!!  Thanks for stopping by, time for me to check out all the blogs that I follow!!!


  1. Gorgeous! I just wore Smoke and Ashes the other day, it is such a cool polish =) I love the stamping that you did too, it's like a reverse zebra! Love it!

  2. thank you, i love this shade!

  3. Looks wonderful! Olympia really brings out that gorgeous green shimmer :) Good choice!

  4. looks beautiful - good to know olympia stamps so well, its one of my favorite colors!


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