Friday, March 23, 2012

Hunger Games !!!!!

Good Morning All!!  I am so excited...I am going to my daughters AKA "The Queen", to see Hunger Games this afternoon.  There will also be a couple of my sisters and my granddaughter AKA "The Princess"   :)
So , of course , we HAD to do our nails!!  The Princess spent the night with me and we have done our nails already....  My inspiration for these nails came from Colores de Carol, she is awesome, check her out!!!

The Cast of Characters was large for this one...

And the finished product!!!

My "mini me"

Sorry for all the pics, I got carried away!!   :0  I hope everyone has a Fantastic Friday...I will be back in a couple of days...thank you for coming by    :)


  1. Your granddaughter is beautiful. I love the matching nails!

  2. Love the matching manicure! Last picture is so cute!

  3. Hello dear. Your blog is wonderful. I'm following you, follow me too? kiss.

  4. I love the manis and the pics! The pic of you and your granddaughters matching nails is perfect!! I hope you all enjoyed the movie~ I thought it was awesome!


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