Friday, March 30, 2012

I Tried, I Really Did

Hi All...I have tried, really, to do a more "spring" looking mani...just couldn't do it!!!  I LOVE the darker, deeper shades  :)
I went to Dollar General to pick up some Hamburger Helper for nutritious, I know!!! But I just "happened" along the polish aisle...picked up this LA Colors  and had to have it!!
This was 3 coats, nice formula, didn't run , nice application.  Then I stamped with XL Cheeky plate D and SC Black on Black.

I was so happy with it and then I noticed the "bubbles"...I think it was the ceiling fan  :(   Anyway, I still like it, hope you do too!!

The final product...

Thanks for stopping in, see ya tomorrow!!!


  1. If your Spring is anything like the Spring I'm having in Wisconsin, then some days the darker deeper shades are the most appropriate!

    1. I'm from Wisconsin too! And yep we are having some non Springish weather lately lol!

  2. I love that red and the stamping is gorgeous! Great combo!

  3. Jackie you can't go wrong with black and red you just can't! I think this looks great!


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