Monday, March 26, 2012

Poison Dart

Good Morning is Monday, and I have to go back to work  :(
I picked up a few SH Insta Dri for stamping this weekend, thought I would try one out today.  A very vibrant blue, Brisk stamped beautifully!!   While doing my Hunger Games mani, one of my black polishes got reallly I frankened it!

This pic was taken outside...
This is the SH Brisk Blue....really bright!!!
And the IP used...
After I did the mani I realized that it looked like the back of a Poison Dart Frog!!!
I found this pic at Pets Foto, a really neat site!!!

And finally, the finished product, which I loved!!!.......

Aside from a little smudging from the top coat, I think it turned out good   :)
Everyone have a great Monday!!!!  Thank you so much for stopping in  :)


  1. oh my gosh it totally looks like the frogs back! This is so cool!

  2. I love it Jackie, It does look like the frog. :)

  3. I love those pretty blue frogs! Great representation!

  4. Wow, this literally looks exactly like the frog! So cool!

  5. so very creative of you!
    I like it a lot. :)

  6. I love ur stamping designs!! Very cute nails!
    Have a great day U too :)

  7. I LOVE IT! Jeez I did a poison dart frog having to use freehand who knew you could do it with plates????!!!!! Great job!

  8. Loove these! Totally looks like the frog ^_^

  9. very pretty, The other purple mani using this plate is also very pretty.

  10. This looks AWESOME, Jackie!!! WOW! Just like the Blue Poison Dart Frog!! I love it. =)

  11. This picture is really accurate


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