Friday, March 30, 2012

Stumped and Slumped

Good Afternnoon a slump and stumped today  :(   Couldn't decide what to do on the frustrating.  I ended up sponging for Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge  "Buy Your Easter Eggs".
 I sponged over Orly A Champagne with the following colors....

This is how it turned out, I even got a compliment and "how did you do that?!"  in the store!!!

So then I HAD to go and stamp it, and ruin it  :(
I used IP BM 205 with Kleancolor Metallic Purple.
The finished product...

So, since I don't like it, means I will be doing another mani real quick!!  Thanks for stopping by, will see ya later today!!!


  1. I love the sponging! It looks like watercolors!

  2. very cool nails!! Love nail posts!! ust thought you'd perhaps like to participate on a beautiful 3 ring giveaway we're hosting on our blog!
    This is the link, to make it easier for you:

  3. Gorgeous sponging! Lovely Easter-looking mani!


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