Thursday, March 8, 2012


Good Morning All, this is a quick post today....early day at work  :(
I needed something to "pick" me up today, so I decided on RED!!!!
I recently picked up Sinful Colors Gogo Girl, and it is a gorgeous shade of red, not that orangey shade that reds sometimes are.  IP SH22 was used with WnW Fastdry Ebony Hates Chris to stamp with.  Pretty nice outcome, but my pinky has a bare spot that I didn't catch  :(

Have a thrilling Thursday!!!


  1. Cool! The stamp looks like shards of glass!

  2. I have that red and it's a good one! I know what you mean about the orange tones reds have sometimes. Love the stamp! I miss spots all the time!

    1. thank you...glad to know I am not the only one that misses!!!

  3. I love this!! It does kind of look like shards of glass! It's also kind of art-deco-ish... awesome mani!


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