Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Which Way Wednesday

Good Evening All.  It is Wednesday!!! I got some of the 99cent Sinful colors and that is what I used for tonites Which Way.
I started with a base coat of SC Last Chance, a deep, deep green.  I think I am beginning to like green too  :)

 I couldn't seem to get the color correct in the pics tonite, no matter how hard I tried  :(  This one is pretty accurate, although it is gorgeous IRL.
IP Mash -48 and SC Moss Have were used for the stamping....

This is how I wore it today for work, got several compliments!!!

Then I decided to add a half moon and a matte top coat.....

Once I did this it looked BLACK!!!!!  I still liked it , but really liked the green :(

Soooo, Which Way do you like it????   Although it looks black, I prefer it with the matte top coat.
Have a very blessed evening, thanks for stopping by .......Jackie


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