Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Which Way Wednesday

Good Evening All!!! It's Wednesday again   :)
I used the 2nd  of the Orly Dark Shadows Collection for todays which way......"Mysterious Curse".  I love this color, sometimes it looks purple, sometimes blue...blurple!! I wore just it....

Isn't this gorgeous??!!
Secondly , I stamped IP CH9 with Pure Ice Platinum...

It was "okay" I used a guide to add some more of the Pure Ice....

Not feeling this one :(   And it was really hard to get a pic, it is so reflective!!

Sooooo  Which Way?????   I prefer just the polish alone!!

Thanks for coming by...see ya tomorrow  :)


  1. Awe! Very beautiful color! The silver design on top looks absolutely beautiful too! Great combo!

  2. The polish is great. Adding this to my....very very long.....wish list.

  3. love this! have it, haven't used it yet. I like the stamping but it is great by itself too!

  4. I like the image there is stamped on:-) But i like the one with silver on top of stampningen most.

  5. I love the blue/purple shift of this, it's gorgeous!! ^.^

  6. I like the best by itself too! Lovely color!

  7. This color is so pretty on you and I love the stamping... I really need to improve my skill at it.


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